HOW AM I WEIRD - Game Play

Do you like chicken dancing? Sleeping in a curtain? Licking your TV screen? Have you dated your dog? 

HOW AM I WEIRD is a simple, fun party game for weird and wonderful people.

How Am I Weird example

GAMEPLAY is simple.

Each player takes 1 blank Weirdo card and 8 Comeback cards. Turn over a Life card and choose the weirdest and funniest Comeback answer to win a round.

Life cards present a situation. For example: You are on an airplane and the woman sitting next to you is sick in her lap. What would you do? 

Comeback cards present weird responses. For instance, you could …. Fantasise about riding a horse with her. Or Light a fire using their socks. Or even Prepare a salad

Weirdo cards are weapons of creativity. Each player takes one at the start of the game and keeps it throughout. Use Weirdo cards to invent your own weird answer. So maybe you would come up with - Scoop it up in my hands and massage it gently into her hair. Horrible but funny - perhaps?

You can play your weirdo card at any time and as often as you want to. So there are lots of opportunities to be weird. Think up your own answer and let your friends quiver at your total brilliance.

Ten Weirdo Cards each with its unique name:
The Onlookers
The Starving Ram
The Buddha of Borrowed Time
The Fisherman's Rotting Teeth
The Wild Man of Abergavenny
The Waddling Pigs of Shenzhen
The Turbo Turtles
The Golden Monkey of Sapporo
The Wheels of Fortune
The Lunch of the Gluten-intolerant Maiden

Alternative Game Rules

Total Weirdo Variant

The Total Weirdo variant is ideal for more creatively-minded players. Playing this variant keeps players sharp and silly because you must ALWAYS be ready to come up with your own weird answer.

The rule is simple: When one player plays their Weirdo card, EVERY player is forced to play their Weirdo card.

Those who have already chosen a Comeback card simply withdraw that card and use their Weirdo card instead. Set a 30 seconds - 1 minute time limit for thinking up your Weirdo response.If a player cannot come up with a Weirdo response, they forfeit that turn and should feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Poker Variant

The Poker Variant is ideal for the fiercely competitive player. In this variant, the Life card is read as normal. But players then place bets (use poker chips, matches, cookies, teeth or whatever) depending on how confident they feel about winning that round.

The betting stakes can be raised repeatedly until all players are satisfied with their stakes. The Big Weird Chief then declares the winning card in the usual manner and the winning player collects all the chips/ matches/ cookies/ teeth from that round. At the end of the game, the player with the biggest pile of weird objects wins.

At the end of the game, count up the cards you've won and consult the Weird League Table to find out your Official Weirdo Rating. The Weird League Table will tell you if you are Ruler of the World or if you need help.

So if you like chicken dancing, sleeping in a curtain, licking your TV screen, or even dating your dog, don't be ashamed! We all do weird things!

Being weird is powerful.

Being weird is what makes us human.

And above all, being weird is FUN!